In this episode of Counterweight, Eric Brasure and Joel “HM” Goodwin wonder if the final days of the game console are upon us. Or maybe they’re talking about the end of PC gaming?


01:00 “I did have a conversation with at work with somebody recently who thought PC gaming was dead.”

05:20 “There’s no margin for error in that industry any more.”

09:00 “Gaming is becoming much less important to the console experience.”

13:40 “If Steven Spielberg is not sufficiently formulaic for Hollywood then Hollywood has an enormous problem.”

19:10 “It’s like something has to happen… but I can’t figure it out.”

26:50 “[Maybe] they’re going to mobile and maybe that’s not great for games… but that seems where things are headed.”

35:10 “The form factor of whatever computing device you are using does influence the games that people are playing on them.”

37:50 “But I wonder if consoles were the reason that PC upgrades stopped.”

42:30 “I don’t know what [platform] is going to be good for games.”

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