Have you heard of Bloodline Champions? I hadn’t. This is quite different to the kind of stuff you normally see posted here on Electron Dance. This one is all about the killing, the shameless killing. Of your friends.

With the Alliance of Awesome guys at Tap-Repeatedly and Bits ‘n’ Bytes Gaming, I had a little play a couple of weekends ago. Then we wrote up our thoughts over at Tap and there’s a crazzzy video done by yours truly of what exactly happened that should evoke a smile or two.

A quick extract from my words:

After a relatively painless download, the interface gored me. I pondered whether the confusing, noisy GUI was trying to trick me into clicking a BUY button by accident. Pay options were mixed into free options, with the entire interface screaming at you that parts of Normality were disabled because you were a cheapskate customer. So this is free-to-play.

Go now and enhance your Friday with “A Weekend With: Bloodline Champions” at Tap-Repeatedly.

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3 thoughts on “A Weekend With: Bloodline Champions

  1. ‘Twas a fine video indeed. It looks much more active than I was imagining it to be, but then again the only DOTA style game I’ve seen is the Warcraft 3 mod itself, being played by people I didn’t like.

    That said, there’s still very little incentive for me to pick up a game like this- I’m a single player at heart (unless I can co-op with my lady) and there are far too many good ones of those.

  2. i never really understood the appeal of dota style games that was until I played league of legends. still don’t think its as enjoyable to watch as starcraft in the esports sense.

  3. @BeamSplashX, yes this isn’t really my cup of o-cha either, but these things are fun with people you like. I’m pretty much a single-player junkie as multi-player requires planning and commitment. At least it does in my book.

    @BAshment, I have to say I’m still not particularly knowledgeable on DOTA simply because someone said it was multiplayer. And that shuts down my ears down usually. But we’re planning more multiplayer action through Tap’s “A Weekend With…” initiative, so I am hoping to pick up some bonus multiplayer wisdom at last.

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