To the chief diplomatic entity of the Aspiration:

It is well that you have come to your senses. While there is no doubt in our minds that the conflict between us would have ended favorably for the galactic navy of Ankaa, we are concerned that our continued skirmishing does indeed distract from the larger threats developing in other parts of the galaxy. We would be amenable to a cessation of hostilities, as it would be clearly beneficial to both our empires.


Recent reports from the expeditionary fleet Jennifer Hale recount a trend of most undiplomatic behavior on the part of your warriors, despite attempts by the fleet captain to open communications. We were not at war with you, and yet Captain Albara describes an “unprovoked and highly opportunistic attack” on our colony at Taygeta. Only a heroic effort by the colonial militia prevented the French Kiss from overtaking the system, and even after being turned back your local forces persisted in threatening the region. It is our opinion that your presence in the former Facewizard’s empire represents an unacceptable tactical liability, and we must diplomatically request that you withdraw. Ankaa will no longer recognize your claim to the systems of Chort, Etamin, and Algieba; these terms are not negotiable.

Should the Aspiration comply peaceably, however, we will be able to offer some concessions that should help to cement our future alliance. First, concerning the system of Dnoces, we believe that the fleet there is under the control of a rogue Artificial Intelligence, and as such poses a considerable threat to us both. If you choose to eliminate the fleet in question, as you generously offered, Ankaa will be quite willing to recognize your claim to Dnoces. Or, if you prefer, we can utilize our own forces to destroy the threat once you have withdrawn to Procyon, at which point the system will be ours instead. We leave the decision up to you. And in either event, we can demilitarize the border between our two empires if you are willing to do the same.

We recognize that the loss of your research and industrial facilities on Chort will be problematic for your infrastructure, but it seems that once you are able to focus your full attention on the…eviction of the Crossheart Empire you should have little difficulty recouping those losses.

We hope you will see the wisdom in this arrangement, and we look forward to our two cultures working together.


The Ankaa Special Committee on Foreign Affairs

PS: We apologize for not making this clear sooner—Minelavan fleet captains are not known for their patience. It would appear that the Jennifer Hale is already en route to reclaim Chort. We recommend you consider quickly.

PPS: Certain members of this committee are deeply curious as to the nature of this Spawnsground, given that it has precipitated at least one armed conflict. What, um, is it?