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Just a few weeks ago I told you The Five Stages of Starseed Pilgrim was the second most popular article in the site’s history. So you asked for this. You all asked for this with your clicks.



Games Shown

  • At A Distance, Terry Cavanagh
  • Starseed Pilgrim, droqen
  • Proteus, Key & Kanaga



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9 thoughts on “The Five Stages of Starseed Pilgrim: The Movie

  1. That was marvellous, HM. Really enjoyed it, significantly more so than the original article (not that I didn’t like that). I clicked back through to the original and was surprised how close the video narration was to the original text, because it fits so well in both contexts.

    I hope this does well despite Starseed Pilgrim being an older game and perhaps out of the spotlight now. I would love you to do more videos like this. Gaben save us from the tyranny of new games new games new games!

    (I’ve still not played Starseed Pilgrim.)

  2. Jury is out regarding success as it’s all very slow going (more successful than a new Side by Side though). The film has found some game as you can see on the YouTube comments.

    Droqen has a Starseed Pilgrim discount coming up later to go with this video. It wasn’t planned – Droqen didn’t think I was serious about the video until yesterday evening.

    I think visually a lot so I think the words leant themselves quite naturally to video format. Some of the funny beats work even better on the video.

    I may return to doing Stop Crying as a video, I’m not sure. I recorded the audio once, but it’s so long! I still have Tevis Thompson and the Minecraft films to get out which are monologue driven rather than visual works (#warningsigns).

    And yes there were only a handful of edits to the original text, paragraphs were removed which I felt are flabby or unnecessary.

  3. GEEZ, Goodwin, what’s with all the Proteus spoilers?

    I kid, I kid.

    Wonderful video. It caps your earlier and already quite comprehensive writings on Starseed Pilgrim by hinting at the cruel layers of nuance and complexity all those linguistic contortions were trying to convey. Also, you have a very soothing voice and your country is pretty. If I’d made that video, the exterior shots would’ve been mostly concrete and strip malls.

  4. SHAUN, WE CAN PLAY TOGETHER LIKE IT’S APRIL 2013 (I too haven’t played it yet)

    Great vid Joel and your text translated well. Did you actually enjoy Starseed Pilgrim though? Was it all it was cracked up to be? Also, I loved the Bioshock Infinite digs and ‘Because Jonathan Blow told you to’. Oh and ‘There’s more dirt than rug now’.

    I see The Oil Blue and Toki Tori 2+ on your desktop as well. Did you play either of them?

  5. @Steerpike: I saved the ending of Proteus for you. The soothing voice takes some practice! I have to do so many takes because my natural sound is to warble up and down and overdo the words. Flatter delivery turns out to be better all round.

    @ShaunCG: Good luck. Let us know how it goes.

    @Gregg B: Oh you too? I did enjoy Starseed Pilgrim despite a sizeable dose of frustration. But here’s the money quote from the spoiler article which doesn’t spoil anything: “Whereas most reviews have waxed lyrical on how much fun it is to figure out the game, there is a far more powerful payoff in going beyond that into the endgame battle. Frequently, I fell into a state of flow and experienced the Tetris effect: rewired for Starseed Pilgrim, I continued to see seeds and stars in the real world even after the PC had shut down.”

    Not really engaged The Oil Blue yet, but Toki Tori 2+ is definitely an interesting little platformer, which isn’t clear initially. I’ve not finished it yet.

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