Side by Side is a video series on local multiplayer games. This is the fourth series, episode 7 of 11.

In the local multiplayer space, co-op does not get as much love as competitive games and we struggled to get co-op on this season’s roster. We hoped to include a few other co-op titles like Catastronauts and Deru, but they didn’t have builds available ready for filming so enjoy the only co-op episode of the season:  the co-op stealth/hacking game Hacktag from Piece of Cake Studios.

Joel Goodwin of Electron Dance and Gregg Burnell of Tap-Repeatedly hack their way through offices and try, desperately, not to get caught while they do it. A tense game which can transform into panic at any moment.

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2 thoughts on “Side by Side: Hacktag

  1. This looks like a great game! I’m reminded a bit of Monaco, which friends and I had lots of fun with side by side, and a co-op Invisible, Inc. Like you guys I’m not sure about the kitty ears, but it seems like the clever, frantic hide-and-seek could be loads of fun. There’s a board game called Burgle Bros. that it reminds me of as well.

    You have such good finds! I’m so glad to see Side by Side carrying on through many series. And I keep telling Gregg I’ll send him a new t-shirt if he wants, because mine dissolved in the wash after like six months. He must take better care of his threads.

    Thanks HM!

  2. Thanks Steerpike. I’m sure Gregg will welcome a new t-shirt 😉

    I’m thinking of releasing the full gameplay of Hacktag onto YouTube at some point – it’s a good 25 minutes or something. See if anyone enjoys the full footage.

    Only four more episodes to go!

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