Activity on Electron Dance is going to be erratic for a while, as the Little Harbour Mistress was born in the wee hours this morning following two days of deceptively painless labour.

I’m afraid to say Chris Park pipped me to the post on this one, but parenthood is a marathon, not a sprint. Which is a gentlemanly way of saying I’ll get you next time, Park. (Except that Mrs. HM and I now have two children and the clan is complete, so there will be no next time. If this makes no sense, it’s because I am still delirious from exhaustion.)

Regular visitors are going to be peeved: “What the ‘ell? Where’s me flipping gaming update?” But don’t worry, I can wedge something in.

Early Friday morning I tried to get a little extra sleep in, preparing for imminent birth (hah, we had another good 40 hours to wait). I dreamt I was in Left 4 Dead, holed up in a high-tech security office on the fourth floor of a building, waiting for the zombie horde to attack. Friends and family were there. I remember thinking: this is no place to give birth to our daughter.

I have never played Left 4 Dead and never had much of a thing for it either. But somehow my brain felt the gamescape and language of a multiplayer zombie FPS experience was the best way to express something. I have absolutely no idea what that was, though.

Nonetheless, I woke up relieved that reality was more complicated than a zombie apocalypse.

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9 thoughts on “Girl, Interrupting

  1. Thanks Gregg, although the clan is keeping us up at night. This is as bad as the sleep deprivation I experienced through a game of Neptune’s Pride.

  2. Brr, I heard about Neptune’s Pride. Never got round to reading the RPS diary/AARs and in truth that’s probably a good thing. It’s bad enough playing Solium Infernum and that’s turn based!

  3. @Armand – thanks!

    @Gregg – There will be some a sort of multi-part AAR on Neptune’s Pride published here one of these days. I don’t see this coming out very soon, but it will be honest about how life-corrosive it is. NP is one of the most negative gaming experiences I’ve endured, although I’m glad to have experienced it once. It starts off nice enough, but pretty soon transforms into a personal hell that gnaws on you during every waking hour.

  4. Hey HM–

    Congratulations my friend! Don’t worry about us, get some rest and be with your family. We’ll still be here when you get back! Your kids are adorable. 🙂

  5. @Gregg Before I forget, that RPS NP diary is really worth a read. It’s got plenty of humour like the Solium Infernum diary and ends with a strange whimper rather than a bang.

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