In this episode of Dialogue Tree, Eric Brasure talks to Davey Wreden, creator of IndieCade nominee The Stanley Parable.


05:05 “It taught me a hell of a lot about how people internalize something that you’ve made.”

08:00 “I don’t really identify with that stuff as much as I used to.”

15:20 “I think that in fact videogames are probably as ideally suited for comedy as any medium I could imagine, just by virtue of the fact that we have so many unquestioned assumptions about the form.”

24:10 “My most cherished games that I play lately just make me feel uncomfortable with myself.”

25:15 “We’ve put up boundaries between one another that don’t need to exist.”

39:05 “I didn’t sleep well for that week.”

41:35 “Let’s get to what’s on my mind now, and not what was on my mind four years ago.”

43:55 “I really don’t know how people are going to respond to this. I don’t know.”

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