The final episode of a short series on games I discovered at EGX Rezzed 2018.

Hey, it’s 1986 and people are loving this new title from Geoff Crammond called The Sentinel, a little more unusual than your platformer or shooty potboiler. The Sentinel places you on a 3D landscape where you have the power to extract energy from objects on the landscape – such as trees and boulders – then use that energy to create your own. The land is watched over by the fearful Sentinel; if the Sentinel sees you, it will drain your energy and end you.

To survive, you must reach a point higher than the Sentinel to do unto it what it would do unto you. But you cannot walk anywhere; you have to create repositories (“synthoids”) to throw your consciousness into and slowly ascend the landscape.

It is no longer 1986. We haven’t seen a great deal of Sentinel-inspired games over the intervening years. Psygnosis published Crammond’s PC followup The Sentinel Returns in 1998. And John Valentine created a free PC remake in 2005 called Zenith.

But at the Rezzed Leftfield Collection this year, Welsh studio Quantum Soup were showing off Annwn: The Otherworld, their version of The Sentinel. What I saw followed the same beats as the original; a watcher scanning the landscape, with the player tasked with extracting energy from trees and boulders to create totems into which you project your consciousness. And there’s this gut-wrenching tension as the Watcher turns to look at you…

…but to underline its work-in-progress nature, the demo build was unfortunately adept at procedurally-generating levels that were impossible or near-impossible to survive. I tried several times but at best I managed to climb up just one grid square. The Watcher or his hounds always got me. But lest this sound downbeat, I found Annwn intriguing and it was drenched in the kind of creepy, abstract vibe that I love too much to be healthy for a person.

I will definitely be following its progress. Annwn: The Otherworld is currently planned as a PC title and can be followed on Steam and

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4 thoughts on “Dabbling with… Annwn

  1. Aww, Sentinel was one of my first 3d games and I was impressed by the quality the PCs were able to support. (Even if it were rather vector 3d graphics).

  2. Hi Merzmensch! Good to hear we have one player of The Sentinel on board. I’m afraid I have no experience of the original – it passed me by. Chris Payne (whose baby this is) explained the game’s origins to me after I’d played.

  3. This sounds really interesting, a little more platformer/action’y than I’m used to but I’m all for abstract eerie vibes even though quite bad at finding such games. Thanks for pointing this one out.

  4. Hi Rob, cheers! The core of the game is about making split second decisions and being able to carry out plans efficiently with the mouse (highlighting the right tile under pressure). I think the islands increase in size and multiple Watchers turn up later. There may be other surprises, I’m not sure!

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