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Dynamite Headdy (Megadrive)

Have you read The Retired Gambler that was posted on 03 May 2011?

I hadn’t read this one in years, even though it still turns up in the Electron Dance Highlights. It takes the creeping suspicion that I am getting too old for games and makes me wonder if that is actually hiding a different problem… well, not a problem at all. I’ve been planning a return to the subject of players getting old for a few months and perhaps you’ll see an article in this vein next year.

But most striking is the very final line of The Retired Gambler. I don’t think I could write a final line like that today; it just feels too unnatural, unearned by the words that went before, a whiplash-level of subject change! I wonder what you will think of it.

Go read it!

From the comments:

  • Badger Commander: “It is my belief that pretty much everything we do in life is some way a game”
  • BeamSplashX who is no longer 22: “Although Iā€™m 22, reading opinions like yours have made me more aware of when games are wasting my time”
  • Jordan: “Is a game most identified by a measurable outcome set by its parameters, or simply by the act of playing?”
  • Josh W: “games like VVVVVV fill a place in my emotional landscape; the semi-meditation space they share with tetris”

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