HM loves Armageddon Empires and wants to share this love with you.

This ten-part series covers some common newbie mistakes in this game, which has a learning curve like the Heaviside step function. You will make these mistakes and more. But at least you will know you were not alone.

Army Origami

Let’s set the scene. It’s the first Armageddon Empires game where you see the AI HQ. You feel semi-successful. You’ve gone up a level. Well done. Have a cookie.

You take a peek inside the AI base and recoil in terror. The number of AI armies stuns you. So stunned, you wet your underwear. Twice.

Take Two. Hang on, those are empty armies. The AI is just trying it on, trying to moisten your underwear.

Take Three. Hang on, that doesn’t make a god darn mouse click of sense. What is it planning with all those armies?

[insert here the sound of a penny dropping]

As the AI knows that creating armies is Action Point expensive (usually 3 AP), it creates armies during turns when it has AP to spare – unused AP will spoil, making it a relatively unique resource. Copy the AI. It’s wasteful to throw away decent AP during slack turns where you can’t do anything, then end up using AP to create armies in turns where you should be kicking ass. The most obvious time to do this is during the first few turns of the game, where you’ve barely got the resources to make a paper hat, let alone conquer the wasteland.

At least try to name your armies better than the AI. Here are some ideas.

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