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What I Really Thought About The Witness

Hidden inside The Unbearable Now was access to a secret video. After three weeks, I decided to make the video public for everyone. Here it is, twenty random observations about The Witness (Thelka, 2016) which had no home in The Unbearable Now.

There be much spoilers for The Witness from the very beginning; the focus is more on puzzle mechanics.

Also here’s the audience retention graph for The Unbearable Now! Click the image for a larger version.

the unbearable now audience retention

The red band indicates the twenty second challenge. I was pleased to discover that the audience who hung on this far stayed for the ride and did not let me down. The green circle seems to be interest in Sokobond, but I can’t be sure. The spike at the end is clearly a lot of viewers trying to solve the mystery of the secret video.

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  1. Can’t agree with you about the necessity of reading Ryerson’s article, as it is literally insane. “The walled-off fantasy world of the privileged white male”? How can people like this function in society?

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