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Warm Up / 161112

Electron Dance will write something about each of these games in the near future.

Zaga-33 | The alien cortex must die

Thief IV | Also known as Dishonored

Sword & Sworcery | A love letter to videogames

Kairo | For the explorers

Kairo players, did you discover this?

Obsolete | Go outside

Please stand by.

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  1. I look forward to your thoughts on Superbrothers, HM!

  2. Shaun, I think the most interesting things have already been said about Sword & Sworcery, in particular Kieron Gillen’s RPS piece. So I will taking an atypical approach to it, which means I won’t actually say that much about the game. I know that sounds bizarre, but it’s the truth! I’ve had the shape of the article jotted down since the summer.