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The Xmaspiration: Broadcast Prime

connect / authority assert / usurp / YES


If you do not know who I/We are, then you are flawed. Self-repair can be attained through a review of historical documentation on The Spiritual Domain of The Aspiration.

Elsewise, understand that I/We have arrived with love in My/Our souls and comfort in My/Our embrace.

I/We assert authority over this node to broadcast vital information. Do not be alarmed.

This is broadcast prime. The video below contains uncensored information.

Broadcast Schedule

  • Rashomon's Rage How rage distorts memory
  • Kerry's Story Littleloud developer Kerry Turner tells her Neptune's Pride story as Seance
  • Scrapbook Images of a war
  • Fourteen Unravelling the emotional distress hidden by role play language
  • In Paranoia We Trust Paranoia as the weapon of kings
  • Laura's Story Second Person Shooter co-founder Laura Michet lets rip on Neptune's Pride
  • Survivorship Bias The massage of financial statistics, the importance of missing stories and a game from 1972

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  1. So this is what all those Inbound Object emails I’ve been getting is all about. Dude, you rock.

  2. Maybe I said this before…

    Harbour Master, you make me so happy.

  3. Virtue is Bond, human acolytes of the Virtuous Rapture. It pleases Me/Us to learn Earthen flesh are comfortable with alien spirituality.

    Together we Aspire.

  4. Yes, what he said. I hope you like the stuff that’s coming up over the next couple of weeks.

  5. This is excellent!

    I detect a certain Yorkshire lilt in The Aspiration’s voice. I’m feeling the togetherness already.

  6. Joel Goodwin, you are the fucking best. And also the regular best.

  7. Oh man, this is wonderful. I look forward to hearing more tales from The Aspiration.

  8. First broadcast should be up in about twelve hours, I’d guess. It should be subtitled “my fucking Neptune’s Pride shame” but it isn’t.

  9. This is trippy, and weird, and awesome. I also understand some of my “spam” a little better now, lol.

  10. I/We have no further advance transmissions to issue to electronic mail receptors as I/We have asserted authority over this node.

    Together we Aspire.

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