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  1. mwm
    May 10, 2013

    Metro! Metro! Metro! It’s just so awkward and wonderful. Like an acne’d, brooding, teen genius. I hear that it’s better if you play the game in Russian with subtitles, so you might want to try that. Oh, and lemme know what you think about the library section.

    I’ve avoided this comment thread for a while now. 30 comments? 46? 50? “Looks like work,” I said. And god knows that Richard, no doubt, left 5 essays in here for me to tread through. But, lucky me! Five minutes and I’m caught up.

    I’ve always found it annoying when an author (blogger, writer, drawer-person) misses their own deadlines and makes bountiful excuses to their audience. The missed updates are fine; it’s the explanations that bug me. I’m probably the only person who thinks that though.

    JoKyr is no good. Everyone will get Jonas Kyratzes mixed up with Joseph Kyranzes. As if they didn’t have enough trouble already!

  2. HM
    May 10, 2013

    @Richard: Awesome. Do you think you will read the spoilers article? The very first section comes out and tells you the goal of the game. I’ve not structured it as an unravelling mystery, more of “here’s the game, right, how does it all work?”

    @mwm: Just for you, future delays will be announced as “No post today. Fuck y’all.” =) Honestly, the schedule is something I care about a great deal. I resent blogs that go crazy churning out fifty articles in a few days then go silent for weeks. The regularity is important to me.

    (Total ha ha on the dig at Richard. He’s written about Cart Life and Cargo Commander this week, so his words have been drained off the site.)

    I’ve only played a little of Metro 2033 so far and I don’t want to share any thoughts on it just yet. I’m still finding my feet. Likely I will write about in the distant future as the schedule for the next couple of months is already scripted out. You know how things go here =)

  3. Richard Goodness
    May 10, 2013

    I’m not sure if I’m gonna read it or not–I feel like it’s the kind of game that I do want to be blind about. I know *kind of* where I need to go next–I think I’m at that disheartening “I need to do what?!” bit.

    Thanks for the link–I edited that piece and everything! I printed it out and crossed out paragraphs and took about 3000 words out of it! Holy shit!

    I’ve just woken up to an email from GOG.com which says, essentially, hey, remember how you were going to finally get to Kentucky Route Zero? Well here’s like a billion other games that you’ve been wanting to play and should pick up. For those of you who are playing along at home, Resonance is among them, which I finished up this week as well and I thought was really good. And then Cognition Episode 3 is coming out and I haven’t even played Episode 2…I really should have been paying attention to games for all of this time.

  4. phlebas
    May 13, 2013

    A couple more little lightbulbs have come on, but I fear it may still be a while before I dare read the explicit piece. I can do this. I will do this.

  5. matt w
    May 13, 2013

    I’m glad to see someone else is hanging out here in the sad old no-spoilers section.

    I sort of think I’m at the end of stage four but I haven’t had time to play it for a little while.

  6. Richard Goodness
    May 13, 2013

    I’m here too. I’ve been on a point-and-click kick. I played Primordia for like three hours straight last night. Hot damn that one is good. I’m on the final boss of Bit Trip Runner; once I beat that I’ll give Pilgrim a real try.

    I swear.

  7. matt w
    May 14, 2013

    You passed me on Bit Trip Runner; I’ve only got up to the stage after the Gauntlet I think. (The one where you have to run the gauntlet in the flipping middle.) And it’s been so long since I really played it that I really have to start over from the beginning of world 3 to get my chops back. Now I feel like the loser at the loser table.

    Actually I don’t feel bad about that, it’s a hard game and I got a lot of pleasure out of it and I’ll finish it sometime if I can. There’s a few games with a few unfinished levels that I feel that way about (Osmos, I guess Cogs is different because I just quit when all the available levels were annoying/boring, Sword & Sworcery I really should finish sometime.) Right now I kind of want to only play soundless games for a while so I can listen to music, or even switch over and do some work. Someone at intfiction.org pointed to Anamnesis and described it as “Fallen London meets Kings of Dragon Pass, or if Christine Love wrote a strategy RPG,” so I think I’m in.

    I have to post a rant about my Bundle Fatigue in the open thread, though.

  8. HM
    May 14, 2013

    I haven’t forgotten those still lost in the five stages. But the five stages is so yesterday, I talk about the three phases in the spoiler piece. That’s all I’m telling you.

    Bit Trip Runner sounds like the kind of game I don’t want to play right now. My muscle memory is pretty shabby these days (then again, I got pretty frikkin’ good at Starseed Pilgrim which isn’t about muscle memory but about reacting).

    I might bring the Open Mike thread forward to Thursday because of something else is being planned for Friday.

  9. Richard Goodness
    May 14, 2013

    @HM I’m in the process of winding down the Second Quest–we’re in the final few dungeons, and Bit Trip Runner is one of them. It’s a game I absolutely love because it’s about the only videogame which gives an ACTUAL idea of what it’s like to play music. Guitar Hero feels nothing like playing a guitar; Bit Trip Runner *looks* like music.

    Now I’m excited about Friday!

    I’ve been debating reading the Spoilers piece for a few paragraphs. I have no idea how you’ve structured it, but I do understand a fair chunk of the game and I might skim until I find kind of the next piece of the puzzle that I’m missing. But who knows!

  10. matt w
    May 14, 2013

    Richard: Have you played Bit.Trip Beat? It took me a while to get into Runner, largely because of being bad at the early stages, and then one day I found myself going jump-jump-jump across a string of platforms and I was In The Groove. Beat gives me that feeling a lot, plus I like the music better and it doesn’t send you back to the beginning of the level when you make one mistake. And its easy mode is actually easier. Of course it contributed to my Bundle Fatigue too.

  11. Richard Goodness
    May 14, 2013

    @matt (and I totally meant to respond to your Bundle Fatigue mention but forgot it was in this same thread, and I would be really interested in hearing about yours because I’ve gotten it too, and I think a lot of people do, I’ve heard a lot of snarky comments about the current Royale and looking at the selection I tend to agree with them…)

    I got Beat for the Wii a few years ago–and by the way, the thought of downloading stuff for the Wii sounds almost archaic these days, heh, boy has the landscape changed in the past 5 years for me. It’s the kind of game I’m fond of. I’d never gotten into Rez–I never felt that the music *quite* matched up to what I was doing, or I didn’t click on exactly what to do, or whatever–and so was pretty suspicious of Beat but I loved it. I can beat the first tune fairly consistently but I’ve never been able to beat the second one. I picked it up for my phone t’other day, and it turns out that Bit Trip Beat is miserable to play on the iPhone. I have Core as well, and that one I’ve REALLY never gotten. (This conversation is making me want to try to replay them though.)

    So yeah–I got Runner through one of the ancient Humble Bundles, played it for about 15-20 minutes, as you do. I had a screenwriting professor in college who said that one of his tests: he always ends up checking his watch at SOME point during the movie to see how long has passed and how much is left. If the first time he checks his watch is any time within the first 20 minutes of the movie, that usually means it’s failed to absorb him and he moves on. My “I have a shitload of games to play” procedure is similar although it isn’t as objective. I’ll play till the first time I die or get stuck, and at that point I reevaluate. I can’t tell you how many little flash puzzle games I have never made past stage 7.

    So yeah, first time I played Runner I gave up a few stages in, and that was maybe a year ago. I tried it again a couple weeks ago–I kind of actually *looked* at my backlog and have been giving a lot of stuff a proper play, and whatver reason, it clicked. Like, clicked to the degree where–I generally wake up a couple hours earlier than I need to and I’ll game for a bit; I have hardcore gamed Bit Trip Runner every day for the past two weeks. There are some stages–3-8 and 3-10 in particular–which took me three and four days of practice to beat. I’m on the final boss, and the concept of me getting perfect scores in all of the levels has set up camp outside my apartment; I’m not sure whether or not to let him in.

    But yeah–I’m not 100% sure what I have to say about the game, but there’s something about it which is inspiring me to such hardcore places. I haven’t been this dedicated about a game in a very long time.

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