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Soundbite 2: Pie Charts Do Not Lie

We're not making much progress here.


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  1. I feel that I’m missing something here.

    Would I understand this post if I’d been on twitter recently? :)

  2. I think you either get this or you don’t. I’m poking fun at the reappropriation of the word “gamer” to mean a stereotype and the call for more ordinary folks to play games.

  3. In that case it does sound a bit like I’m missing a recent resurgence in this debate! I think the last big spike was Leigh Alexander’s article on “gamer” as identity shortly after GG hit, but there was definitely discussion around the term before that too.

    Anyway, yeah, gamers, stop stopping ordinary folks playing games, you freaks!

  4. People saying some folks are and some folks aren’t gamers is silly.
    People claiming they’re not gamers because they dislike part of the community… that’s silly too.

    Everyone who games is a gamer.

  5. Yes John! There is also that whole thing about “tru gamers” as well. Where you try to ghetto those people who play Candy Crush.

    (I edited this after posting the comment, as published by accident!)

    I can’t think of a graph that could make a similar point about the word “game”.

  6. It would have kind of a corkscrew shape, I think.

  7. That pie chart is brilliant.

  8. Thanks Gregg, it was not easy gathering the statistics to make this infographic happen.

  9. Do you think you could gather the salty tears of tru-gamers for when you come up?

  10. Weird drug culture up your way, Gregg.

  11. It’s needed for a special Minecraft potion that we drink before filming Side by Side. It turns us into bro gamers for the camera.

  12. Season 2: featuring added fistbumps, bro-downs and grunting.

  13. I can’t unsee ‘bro-downs’. Thanks Shaun.

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