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Side by Side: Johann Sebastian Joust

Side by Side is a video series on local multiplayer games. This is the third series, episode 4 of 5.

This is the bonus episode. I brought Joust along to show Gregg what all the fuss was about to our Side by Side filming weekend. We only intended to have four episodes (in fact that was also an increase on the three I'd originally planned as the Side by Side swansong) but I realised we could package this up as an extra episode for the series - a companion to our Lemon Joust episode.

So in this episode, Joel Goodwin of Electron Dance and Gregg Burnell of Tap-Repeatedly escape the confines of the computer dungeon and head into the great outdoors to take on Die Gute Fabrik's Johann Sebastian Joust. And Joel gets to report a bug.

The Joust game footage featured in the credits was taken on the Red line in Boston, PAX East 2014. The full footage can be found on YouTube.

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