Electron Dance

Side by Side: Get On Top

Side by Side is a video series on local multiplayer games. This is episode 9 of 15.

This week Joel Goodwin of Electron Dance and Gregg Burnell of Tap-Repeatedly lose their heads with Bennett Foddy's Get On Top, a sumo-em-up. Watch the video here or direct on YouTube.

The series theme is the delightful "Adventures in your sleep" by The Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra.

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  1. Told you it was… told you it was what, damn it?!


  2. Sorry, which bit are you referring to Shaun?

  3. First bullet point is missing the rest of its sentence :)

  4. Wyerd. I can see it here, it’s a link to a twitter conversation. Let me check out the source.

  5. This is disturbing. I can’t see anything wrong here.

  6. Weird. That was with Chrome at the office, rather than the home office, where it is fine.

    I use AdBlock Plus here and uBlock there, so perhaps that’s something to do with it?

    I know there’s something odd with the internet in that office too because they block Bandcamp’s CSS, of all things. But something as selective as making link text not appear is weird.

    I doubt it’s anything at your end, anyway…

  7. Well we still have this problem with the mobile theme appearing on desktop browsers occasionally…

  8. Turning off AdBlock Plus brought it back for me. AdBlock Plus seems to really hate Twitter though blocking a straight-up link to a Tweet seems harsh. The only possibility I can see in the source is title=”Twitter” but again, seems extreme. Even I don’t hate Twitter that much.

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