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Neptune’s Pride Private Match Available

This most weird and strange Neptune's Pride game - which involved a peace pact and a frantic hunt for a galactic terrorist who was trying to wake a sleeping god - is now over. You can read all about it in an article called The Remnant where Electron Dance and Jonas Kyratzes created a trophy for the victor. Interviews with some of the empires also posted.


In the comments on Survivorship Bias, Electron Dance reader Todd has advertised a private Neptune's Pride game for any readers willing to join in. Players will start with Level 2 speed and scanning research is expensive.

The game URL is http://neptunespride.appspot.com/detail?game=32236516 and the secret word is ‘aspire’.

I can absolutely 100% cast-iron guarantee that I will not be taking part. As if that was in any doubt...

Update 09 Jan: Five out of nine slots taken!

Update 11 Jan: All slots filled and the game begins!

RoboCaptain, LiberalEurope, Captain Wells, CitiesInDust, Sargent Hatred, Leo2k5, Sirron, Grand Space Lord Al and Blueshift2k5... good hunting.

Update 14 Jan: There's a galactic peace treaty! With signatures!

Update 06 Feb: Game over! Shaun writes up his experiences on Arcadian Rhythms. And Liberal Europe is doing it too.

The only winning move is not to play

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Posted by Joel Goodwin

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  1. Ah seems the shoe is on the other foot now, and it’s holding a triple-barrelled blaster to your face. I think this is the longest thread in Electron Dance history. It is also my favouritest.

  2. We made it onto a second page of comments! We’re now testing blog functions you may not have known existed. :-D

    I think this might be the last day or two of a rather epic game.

  3. We are certainly into the endgame now. Not that I want to jinx it, but I’m quite pleased with how things have turned out for the hard-shelled people of Galactic South. Minimum betrayal all round!

  4. I think this is how neptunes pride was interestingly to be played.

    The end game has been a very interesting experience for me personally; I will speak about it after the conclusion.

    There has been very little cannibalism as of yet. This did mean utterly grinding a single large player into the ground, thankfully they have been an excellent sport over the matter.

    I do not wish to speak to soon however. It is still going on. many a ship is still there.

  5. I didn’t even know there could be a second page of comments. I’ve been considering spawning a separate post for new comments but having a second page is such an event in itself that I couldn’t bear the thought of abandoning it for a fresh comment canvas.

    I can’t wait to hear your thoughts when this is all over. Paragraphs at the ready, people!

    When you’re finished with the game, I’d be happy to receive a paragraph from each of the combatants on how the game made you feel. Please send it along to my contact address: hm (at) electrondance (dot) com.

  6. It’s over.

    I don’t think there will have been many Neptune’s Pride matches quite like it.

    Not sure a paragraph will be able to do this justice – but they should be coming your way soon.

  7. are all netunes prides matches not like that. I would not know…it was my first.

  8. LiberalEurope, I’m determined not to write too much about the game here as I know Shaun’s going to be writing up something. Not sure if anyone else is planning to do the same…? But I definitely wanted to plug the game a little, especially as some crazy stuff seemed to be going on.

    I think you did The Aspiration proud. Not sure about the rest, but I think Adam certainly understood how the game takes over life.

    More impressive: I do believe the winning player started in the middle of the map..? Please let me know if I’m wrong. It’s a starting position we’ve previously acknowledged as “difficult”.

  9. Yes, I shared boarders with 5 other plays at the start, I was fairly sure I was stuffed.

    I think this actually offed me a small advantage in our game, as everyone had other battles to fight int the coroners, and were not to concerned with the center of the map, so I was left at an advantage for far to long (while under our treaties protection).

    If I was feeling smug I would say ” I Guess you play the hand you dealt “

  10. So Shaun has neglected to post a comment here to let everyone know he’s started writing up his adventure as CitiesInDust.

  11. I’m going to be complementing Shaun’s Monday posts this month with a post every Tuesday. First one is up on Liberal Europe.

  12. Excellent! I’ll go have a read now. I’ll also update my posts to link to yours.

  13. Once I’ve got the winner’s prize and handed it over, I shall launch into a post about your game and link your respective diaries. LiberalEurope’s perspective raised some eyebrows over here.

  14. Latest diaries are up here and here.

    Looking forward to hearing more about this prize. ;-)

  15. Wow, a little late to the party (kind of ironic) but I am super-excited to read all of these. I started taking notes in the beginning but was quickly consumed by hatred. Reading about myself in the third person should be… illuminating??

    Thanks guys, this really made my day.