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Crashbook #4

I have a list of games.

It is a list of games that I have not played. There is no guarantee that I will ever play these games. There is no guarantee any of these games are good. But maybe someone else will play them. Maybe someone else will discover they are good.

In this episode, 16 more games are added to the Crashbook.

44/ Spaceflux

Spaceflux is the one and only fractal FPS! The surreal online and split-screen shooter where the map contains itself. Experience arena deathmatches like never before in fractal worlds, infinitely repeating landscapes and fully destructible maps.

Crash notes: A bit like HyperRogue: FPS Edition. But also not.

Windows | Steam Link | Early Access

45/ A Forever Solitude

You are on a 200 year voyage to a distant galaxy. You have awakened… A lifetime too soon. Do you choose to survive? Solve puzzles and determine your fate in a punishing environment. A cinematic experience. Atmospheric, emotional and beautiful. From solo developer David Fazzio.

Crash notes: The graphics apparently being of such high quality... part of me is terrified this will turn out to be absolute pants. Maybe I should take a look at Fazzio's previous game, The Companion?

Windows | Steam Link | Unreleased

46/ White Shadows

The wolves are watching! Venture through a captivating but brutal dystopia where our young adventurer Ravengirl will travel through this huge city’s brightest highs and delve to its darkest depths on her perilous journey of discovery and finding her destiny where hope seems in short supply.

Crash notes: Not sure if I'm into these almost-cinematic platformers, but it looks delightful.

Windows | Steam Link | Unreleased

47/ Chippy

Chippy is a twin-stick bullet-hell shooter. Chip apart destructible bosses pixel-by-pixel.

Crash notes: It just looked cool. That's it. That's the story.

Windows | Steam Link | Released 2019

48/ Fuzz Dungeon

The well back to your job has been absorbed inside a sasquatch sex amulet. Journey through 15 levels of absurdist human history to try and bring it back.

Crash notes: From a list of interesting IGF submissions posted by @MOOMANiBE on Twitter. I've looked at the Steam page and, well, there's a lot going on here.

Windows | Steam Link | Released Jun 2021

49/ A=B

A=B is a programming puzzle game with only one instruction: A=B, which means replacing A with B.

Crash notes: Programming games can be fun; I was entranced by TIS-100 for a few hours.

Windows | Steam Link | Early Access

50/ Strange Horticulture

Strange Horticulture is an occult puzzle game in which you play as the proprietor of a local plant store. Find and identify new plants, pet your cat, speak to a coven, or join a cult. Use your collection of powerful plants to influence the story and unravel Undermere’s dark mysteries.

Crash notes: Another one I pulled from @MOOMANiBE's list.

Windows | Steam Link | Unreleased

51/ Slipways

Weave isolated planets into a vast trade empire. Hatch plans. Research game-breaking technologies. Still be done in time for lunch. Enjoy the endless possibilities of a space grand strategy game in 60 minutes flat.

Crash notes: Jonas Kyratzes mentioned it on Twitter and I was intrigued that the developers also wrote on the Steam page, "Slipways takes the space grand strategy genre and condenses the best parts of it down by throwing away all the micromanagement and the steep learning curve".

Windows, Mac | Steam Link | Released Jun 2021

52/ Atrio: The Dark Wild

Survival meets Automation. Capture creatures and add them to your assembly line. Can you survive long enough to turn the lights back on?

Crash notes: Looks really interesting but I think the current Early Access experience is limited. Another one I pulled from @MOOMANiBE's list.

Windows | Steam Link | Early Access

53/ Nix Umbra

Light is my Sword, Darkness shall perish.

Crash notes: Devil Daggers-esque. Buried in bleak atmosphere, looks divine, but I'm pretty sure I'll find it an unpleasant play. Warning: involves flashing lights.

Windows | Steam Link | Released Nov 2021

54/ Nauticrawl

A stolen, enigmatic machine is your only way out. It's likely to kill you, but so will the hostile planet you're escaping. Pull levers, hack devices, and puzzle out how to pilot the Nauticrawl to freedom in this unusual atmospheric adventure... or die trying.

Crash notes: You die a lot in this game. But don't be fooled - I believe this isn't a roguelite but a Mystlike. Once solved, the game is done. Steam comments suggest it is hard but satisfying.

Windows, Mac | Steam Link | Released Sep 2019

55/ Lucky Me

In a world devoid of originality, where talentless hacks copy your every move, you gotta use their stupidity against them to come out on top. Line up your shots, pull the trigger and survive the bullet storm in this logic-shooter game.

Crash notes: This puzzle-shooter game looks absurd and amusing. In each level, everyone copies you, so you must choose a shot which (a) keeps you safe and (b) eliminates as many of your shooter plagiarists as possible. Not entirely sure I want to play this but was compelled to share.

Windows | Steam Link | Unreleased

56/ Despot's Game: Dystopian Army Builder

Guide puny humans through Despot's Game - a rogue-like tactics army battler. Equip your team and sacrifice them through procedural dungeons as you fight enemies, and other players!

Crash notes: Beautiful pixel art animations that reminds me of Wand Wars. Does not take itself seriously. "Get killed by... cabbages!"

Windows, Mac | Steam Link | Early Access

57/ Trackless

Trackless is an atmospheric first-person exploration and puzzle game set in the distant future. Trackless uses text input that allows you to interact with characters and objects. Using your in-game phone will help you find clues and give you special abilities.

Crash notes: Forwarded from Eversion developer @zarawesome who said, "doesn't seem a super hard game but it might be of interest".

Windows, Mac | Steam Link | Released 2017

58/ Pour Decisions

Be a vintner set on making the best wine they can in this digital roll-and-write board game. Aim for the highest score you can by balancing various processes in winemaking – from growing your grapes, to harvesting them, from crushing the grapes, to fermenting them, and finally pressing the wine to bottle - each process takes different dice and changes your wine in different ways.

Crash notes: This one forwarded to me by Ori Avtalion; I see praise for it emerging from Twitter.

Browser, Android | Itch Link | Released Sep 2021

59/ Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator

Buy, sell, and trade organs in a strange and evolving universe. Dive into the quivering innards of alien capitalism in the sci-fi body horror market tycoon game you didn't know you needed.

Crash notes: And why wouldn't I add this to Crashbook?

Windows | Steam Link | Releasing 7 Dec

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  1. Slipways started as a PICO-8 game, which is available for free here: https://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?tid=30978

  2. I only meant to click on it for a second but got sucked into a whole beginner game. OMGZ I’m supposed to be going to bed, dammit.

  3. I finally tried Slipways myself after posting the link. I found the low resolution and constant scrolling really challenging, so I’ll wait for a sale on the big game before trying again.

    I’ve enjoyed watching Robert Yang play Trackless from a level design perspective: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEcWWZkGvLM
    (likewise his playthrough of Infra)

  4. Those complaints about Slipways in Pico-8 are valid. But I was surprised at how it grabbed me despite those pains.

  5. Spliways got a positive reception at Three Moves Ahead, the podcast for strategy gamers who have a terminal ennui for strategy games, so it must be doing something right. (Thanks to them, Against the Storm has entered my own personal crashbook).

  6. ooh Against the Storm looks pretty cool (oh no crashbook 5)

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