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Have you read Hypnosis in the Sand: Why Spec Ops Fails posted on 29 August 2014?

Spec Ops was a lovely surprise which made me want to write something about it. And after I started writing, I couldn't stop. Spec Ops is a classic example of trying to get players to do things they don't agree with yet somehow remain in character - and that's where the issue lies. The great Immortal Defense is also cited as it treads similar territory.

From the comments:

  • John Brindle "it’s one of the only AAA games where you commit war crimes / which the game acknowledges are war crimes"
  • StranaMente: "They knew that the players would have felt the hands of the designers in that scene, and wanted the players to blame that choice on them."
  • Steerpike: "Pathologic does it rather famously; most people who had serious gos at the game found themselves thinking as and taking actions from the perspective of their chosen character well before the shocker ending. "
  • Badger Commander: "Don’t bother – it is rubbish."
  • Badger Commander: "Also, just finished Battlestar Galactica, the music in it was deeply annoying."

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