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Countdown 2016, 14: A Clean Shot

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defender wave complete

Have you read Léon Loves Tetris posted on 12 June 2013?

I wanted to make the comparison that what underpinned shooters was the same primal impulse that drives players through Tetris. But this is our starting point not our conclusion. There are consequences for the modern 3D shooter:

If you wonder why game stories are getting so dark, maybe it's because writers are having to work overtime to justify why it's actually okay to kill a few hundred NPCs that look just like real people. Developers can't keep aiming for photorealism if the primary mechanic that makes them money is cleaning.

Go read it!

From the comments:

  • Alex: "I wonder where this leaves games like Spec Ops and Max Payne 3"
  • BeamSplashX: "I don’t find the dichotomy of heroism and violence in games troubling in a real life context; the ability to discern fantasy from reality is the important thing to consider there."
  • Gregg B: "I finished watching Generation Kill this week and there’s bugger all shooting in it and that follows a US Marine Corps battalion during the invasion of Iraq."

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