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Into The Black: The Movie

How do videogames undermine those players who enjoy exploring virtual worlds? Here is the fourth Electron Dance film, a hybrid of Into the Black and Chekhov's Collectible.

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Bioshock Infinite Is The Worst Game Of The Year

The original script for this video essay was written in January 2014 and then I spent a mere 18 months thinking about making it. Two years after Bioshock Infinite (Irrational Games, 2013) was released to huge critical acclaim, I finally have a video about it. If you love the game, you're going to hate me. If you hate the game, you're going to have a laugh.

Oh the hyperbole. Not just a bad game. The worst game. Maybe he meant the worst out of those games that get called “game of the year”? That would have been okay. But I can’t think he really meant worst compared to all the crappy clones that are foisted on mobile users every month.

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"On Videogame Reviews" by Tevis Thompson

"Stanley Scores Reviews" by Joel Goodwin

Video Transcript

Counterweight podcast where Eric and I trashed Bioshock Infinite.


Adrián Berenguer "Iaia"

Tipsy "Tuatara (Remix)"

Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra "Educating Stanley"

Jurassic Park Theme (slowed down 1000%)


The Minecraft Industrial Revolution

A video essay on Minecraft's survival mode.

Proteus indulges the fable of the “simple life” where we co-exist peacefully with the ecosystem. It asks me to lose myself in the majesty of nature and its joyous, playful manner is beguiling... but the code protects the island above all else. We cannot even take a blade of grass or petal of a flower with us and we leave no footprints behind. Violations of Proteus law are forbidden. Nature is immutable. Nature is God.

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  • Video by Joel Goodwin

Games Shown

  • Minecraft, Mojang
  • Proteus, Key & Kanaga


  • Mountain Men, History Channel
  • Space 1999 "Breakaway"
  • Space 1999 "Dragon's Domain"


From the album Minecraft - Volume Beta by C418:

  • "Alpha"
  • "The End"
  • "Ballad of the Cats"
  • "Mutation"



The Five Stages of Starseed Pilgrim: The Movie

This month we're celebrating FIVE YEARS of Electron Dance!

Just a few weeks ago I told you The Five Stages of Starseed Pilgrim was the second most popular article in the site's history. So you asked for this. You all asked for this with your clicks.



Games Shown

  • At A Distance, Terry Cavanagh
  • Starseed Pilgrim, droqen
  • Proteus, Key & Kanaga




The Making of #warningsigns


If you liked some of the music from #warningsigns or just want to know how it was made or how it came about - you've come to the right place.

I don't think it's advisable to read this post unless you've watched the film first. But, hey, I'll throw you a bone. For a good year, the subtitle of #warningsigns was "this is a series about the end of the world".  

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#warningsigns: A Short Film About Videogames


A detective searches for answers after investigating a mysterious series of crimes. But the answers find him first.

#warningsigns is a short film about videogames and the future. Twitter has already issued its verdict:

"a subversive and challenging video about games, gamedev and journalism"

"interesting and unsettling, something I'll have to watch again"

"intelligent and masterfully crafted"

"#warningsigns is terrific"

"I lasted three minutes"

And Kieron Gillen has also put in a nice word. You should set aside fifteen minutes to watch the entire film. If you have the bandwidth and screen estate, please note you can watch at 1080p HD resolution. The film, preview screenshots and credits can be found below.

A year in the making. Turn out the lights and settle down. This is #warningsigns.   

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