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Penetrate the Night: The Movie

And while you’re mulling these questions over… grind will see you through. Grind is easy. It asks no questions of you. It offers routine. It promises progress. Keep all the numbers rising, players love their sultry numbers. But they are a mere illusion of progress, a distraction from the frustration. And there… there is the trap.

Here is the next Electron Dance film, a theatrical re-enactment of Penetrate the Night, which considers the addictive qualities of Cultist Simulator (Weather Factory, 2018).

Watch the film below or direct on YouTube.





  • Andy Durdin
  • Gregg Burnell
  • droqen

Status Report: May 2017

This is an update for my YouTube subscribers and includes footage for the in-development Endlight. Watch on YouTube or embedded below:




The Drake Incident: A Dark Souls Story

Ding dong, the Bell Gargoyles are dead. I ring the bell. Where next for my lonely undead hero...?

Watch the film below or direct on YouTube.


If you're interested in how the film came into being, which is partly through luck and partly through bloody-minded determination, here's How I Made: The Drake Incident.





What I Really Thought About The Witness

Hidden inside The Unbearable Now was access to a secret video. After three weeks, I decided to make the video public for everyone. Here it is, twenty random observations about The Witness (Thelka, 2016) which had no home in The Unbearable Now.

There be much spoilers for The Witness from the very beginning; the focus is more on puzzle mechanics.

Also here’s the audience retention graph for The Unbearable Now! Click the image for a larger version.

the unbearable now audience retention

The red band indicates the twenty second challenge. I was pleased to discover that the audience who hung on this far stayed for the ride and did not let me down. The green circle seems to be interest in Sokobond, but I can’t be sure. The spike at the end is clearly a lot of viewers trying to solve the mystery of the secret video.

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The Unbearable Now: On The Witness

On the theme park island of The Witness, you solve puzzles. Solving puzzles leads to more puzzles. Keep working. Keep digging. Keep solving. Again and again and again. But this process cannot continue forever. Where does The Witness end? And why?

At last, it is here: The Unbearable Now is a spoiler-filled interpretation of The Witness (Thelka, 2016) that’s been months in the making. It is laced with a few choice expletives, but definitely no gore. Or nudity.

Watch the film below or direct on YouTube.






Trailer: The Unbearable Now

As the next film is taking a while to complete, I thought I'd put out a trailer. No game spoilers for The Witness appear in the trailer, although the final film will be nothing but spoilers.



Into The Black: The Movie

How do videogames undermine those players who enjoy exploring virtual worlds? Here is the fourth Electron Dance film, a hybrid of Into the Black and Chekhov's Collectible.

Watch this video below or direct on YouTube.






Bioshock Infinite Is The Worst Game Of The Year

The original script for this video essay was written in January 2014 and then I spent a mere 18 months thinking about making it. Two years after Bioshock Infinite (Irrational Games, 2013) was released to huge critical acclaim, I finally have a video about it. If you love the game, you're going to hate me. If you hate the game, you're going to have a laugh.

Oh the hyperbole. Not just a bad game. The worst game. Maybe he meant the worst out of those games that get called “game of the year”? That would have been okay. But I can’t think he really meant worst compared to all the crappy clones that are foisted on mobile users every month.

Watch this video below or direct on YouTube.


"On Videogame Reviews" by Tevis Thompson

"Stanley Scores Reviews" by Joel Goodwin

Video Transcript

Counterweight podcast where Eric and I trashed Bioshock Infinite.


Adrián Berenguer "Iaia"

Tipsy "Tuatara (Remix)"

Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra "Educating Stanley"

Jurassic Park Theme (slowed down 1000%)


The Minecraft Industrial Revolution

A video essay on Minecraft's survival mode.

Proteus indulges the fable of the “simple life” where we co-exist peacefully with the ecosystem. It asks me to lose myself in the majesty of nature and its joyous, playful manner is beguiling... but the code protects the island above all else. We cannot even take a blade of grass or petal of a flower with us and we leave no footprints behind. Violations of Proteus law are forbidden. Nature is immutable. Nature is God.

Watch the video here or direct on YouTube.



  • Video by Joel Goodwin

Games Shown

  • Minecraft, Mojang
  • Proteus, Key & Kanaga


  • Mountain Men, History Channel
  • Space 1999 "Breakaway"
  • Space 1999 "Dragon's Domain"


From the album Minecraft - Volume Beta by C418:

  • "Alpha"
  • "The End"
  • "Ballad of the Cats"
  • "Mutation"



The Five Stages of Starseed Pilgrim: The Movie

This month we're celebrating FIVE YEARS of Electron Dance!

Just a few weeks ago I told you The Five Stages of Starseed Pilgrim was the second most popular article in the site's history. So you asked for this. You all asked for this with your clicks.



Games Shown

  • At A Distance, Terry Cavanagh
  • Starseed Pilgrim, droqen
  • Proteus, Key & Kanaga