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1944 on Revenge of the Titans BETA

I've been meaning to get to talking 'bout Puppygames' Revenge of the Titans for about three months now. Thing is, I'm too old to do this sort of thing on my own any more and the home help just laugh when I ask them to assist with my important cutting-edge video game writey words. So I drafted in GreggB of Tap-Repeatedly to help out, who occasionally risks his life commenting here at Electron Dance.

Gregg already wrote up his full-blooded impressions over at Tap and it was clear that we both had different experiences of Titans. He loves it and has pre-ordered; I appreciate it but know it's not for me. We put our puny human brains together and talked out the finer points of this intriguing game. There are some naughty words here. And we also invoke TEH CAPITALS.

HM: So I would say it's not tower defence. Can we say that? It's more RTS where the only mode is defence. And your units aren't mobile. And I guess it's not RTS either. What is it Gregg?

GB: It's tower defence. You defend with towers. I think more than anything it stretches the definition of tower defence to the point that people aren't quite sure what it really is.

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