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If All You Have is a Knife

This is the final part of the Dishonored quadrilogy. The previous entries were Fish Out of Water, Across the Rooftops and La Peste.


Someone had contaminated Slackjaw’s still.

Rather than killing many of his gang outright, those who had quaffed elixir from the poisoned still were now Weepers, quarantined in a makeshift gaol. The Bottle Street Gang was crippled, which was why Slackjaw turned to me for help. Something had happened in Dr. Galvani’s place and he didn’t have anyone available to follow it up.

Slackjaw was not aware that I was the one who had poisoned his still. Neither was he aware that his bodyguards were unconscious, sheltering under cobwebs in the darkest corners of the distillery.

I delivered revelation with my knife and wrote the truth across his chest. He gasped and staggered back, but I left him no time to respond. A second revelation proved too much for him and he collapsed to the floor.

As I took my leave, none of the gang members in the main hall noticed anything was wrong. Outside was a different story. The Weepers had escaped from their prison and, with surprising enthusiasm, had taken up the task of attacking and infecting their jailers.

The Bottle Street Gang profited from misery every day and terrorised the ordinary people of Dunwall. And so I killed them.

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La Peste

This is the third article in the Dishonored quadrilogy. The previous entries were Fish Out of Water and Across the Rooftops.


“To some the sermon simply brought home the fact that they had been sentenced, for an unknown crime, to an indeterminate period of punishment. And while a good many people adapted themselves to confinement and carried on their humdrum lives as before, there were others who rebelled and whose one idea now was to break loose from the prison-house.”

--The Plague, Albert Camus

This post is either full of spoilers or full of spiders. In either case, proceed with caution.   

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Across the Rooftops

This is the second article in the Dishonored quadrilogy. The first was Fish Out of Water.


I was getting impatient. The guard was hanging around one of the dull paintings in Dr. Galvani’s collection and I just knew that if I made a move towards him he would decide at that specific moment to turn around. I really didn't understand this. He was supposed to be patrolling about so he could walk into my choking embrace, after which I would fold his unconscious body away discreetly like fresh laundry.

I swiped a glass off a sideboard and threw it across the room. It shattered against the far wall.

At last, the guard stirred and prised himself away from the painting. He approached the spot where the glass had smashed. I blinked under a table between us, popped up the other side and grabbed his neck. He spent the rest of the evening passed out under the table; out of sight, out of zzzzz.

Yowsers. It’s been a long time since I played Thief.     

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Fish Out of Water

This is the first part of the Dishonored quadrilogy.

And lo, it came to pass that shortly after its release, I played Arkane Studios' Dishonored. For someone who has—

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—spent the last couple of years submerged in indie fare, this flip to AAA comes as a bit of a—

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FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! Will you shut your goddamn tutorial cakehole?!?    

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