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Top 10 Electron Dance Articles of 2014


Electron Dance is going to sleep for a couple of weeks! Read on to discover the top ten articles this year on Electron Dance. That's right, I've finally written a fucking top ten list. EPIC.

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The 2013 Review


It’s the last Electron Dance post of 2013, so it is time to take stock of what I wrote and what you didn’t read, you stupid filthy dingbats. And did you know Electron Dance was on the Sunday Papers nine times this year? I know, poor show!

Also revealed: the top ten posts. Everybody likes Top Ten posts, right?   

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Electron Dance: The 2012 Review


Welcome to this year's bloated annual round-up! It's another chance for me to rub your nose in all those Electron Dance articles you so deftly avoided reading, thus depriving yourself of important educational supplements required for daily life choices. You know who you are. Yes, you. You who didn't read the Chaim Gingold interview. You who thought qrth-phyl was just Snake in 3D. I GOT YOUR NUMBER PAL.

Look, if you don't click open this bad boy, you won't discover your secret Electron Dance Christmas bonus.

I dare you not to click. Think of this as a Twine game with one possible move. What could go wrong?  

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Electron Dance 2011 Review

Apologies! This should have been posted in 2011 but there just wasn't any room in the schedule. Better late than after I'm the late HM, though. If you're wondering what Electron Dance goodness you might have missed in 2011, then this post is your compass to great destinations of word.

And dear sweet babies of Jesus, I realise how much I've written last year for no pennies.

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Sayonara 2010

2010 dies tonight. Let's celebrate by reviewing the Electron Dance year, because there's nothing like churning out the same old content in a sexy new cellophane wrapping.

The Year In Links

For those who want to see Electron Dance in its early what-the-hell-am-i-doing days, the first post ever was back in April, a review of VVVVVV, which was nebulous longhand for it’s cool, you fool. I fumbled around for the right style for some time, most evident in The End of Hardcore. I eventually dropped the third person thing because it wasn’t my voice. A bit like my time playing The Aspiration... but that story is for next year.

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