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The Making of #warningsigns


If you liked some of the music from #warningsigns or just want to know how it was made or how it came about - you've come to the right place.

I don't think it's advisable to read this post unless you've watched the film first. But, hey, I'll throw you a bone. For a good year, the subtitle of #warningsigns was "this is a series about the end of the world".  

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Can You Find the Hidden Signs?

[IMAGE: No clues here, sorry.]

Two years ago, seven signs were hidden on Electron Dance.

Over the next few days, you must find them.  

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On Truth is Ghost

It's Twine Week on Electron Dance. This is the second of five posts.


For the Fear of Twine exhibition, I made a twine called Truth is Ghost based on some short stories I wrote some years ago.

The critics have been unanimous:

Amanda Wallace: “Truth is Ghost is clear as mud.”

Emily Short: “I played through it twice, and it made maybe slightly more sense the second time, but not to the point where I felt I could explain the plot at all.”

Jed Pressgrove: “I feel I am lacking the context needed to identify what the story is trying to say.”

And I can hear you now, reader, whispering, “Phew, it wasn’t just me then.”

With just ten days left until Fear of Twine closes its doors, it’s time to talk about what I was trying to do. It’s spoiler time.   

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I Made a Twine


I made a Twine game called Truth is Ghost. Richard Goodness badgered me into making it because I didn't enjoy Twine games.

I'm not going to say much about it, other than to warn you of its profane and violent content. I will be writing a post-mortem on the design and Twine development itself next month. Truth is Ghost is one of 16 different exhibits in the Fear of Twine exhibition. In the exhibition, you'll also find work by Pippin Barr, David T. Marchand, Jonas Kyratzes and Amanda Lange. As well as the world-famous Eric Brasure. Electron Dance is also hosting the official Fear of Twine forum over on The Appendix.

Here's the teaser for the game:

Mr. Alpha and Mr. Omega are Clothmen, in secret service to The-God-To-Be. A simple assignment to apprehend a renegade Clothman goes sour - but can they stop bickering long enough to stop Ms. Morgana?

UPDATE: The Fear of Twine exhibition has now closed so I'm now hosting the twine locally.

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Coming in 2014


Press X For Tomorrow

[Screenshot of game featuring "loot" "damage" and figures running amongst shops]

Riot Games, UK 2011


Neptune’s Price

Tom Jubert wonders if the short form dialogue tree could be gaming's equivalent to flash fiction. He put together a short example and then invited others to have a go. I had a go.

Here is my effort, Neptune's Price, the first game I have written in 15 years. The structure and words probably took around a couple of hours to get right, the code a few more. I'll be interested how quickly you solve it, but I'm sure you won't spend more than 5 minutes playing around with it. I'm also sure no-one will solve Neptune's Price on first attempt.

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