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The Five Stages of Starseed Pilgrim: The Movie

This month we're celebrating FIVE YEARS of Electron Dance!

Just a few weeks ago I told you The Five Stages of Starseed Pilgrim was the second most popular article in the site's history. So you asked for this. You all asked for this with your clicks.



Games Shown

  • At A Distance, Terry Cavanagh
  • Starseed Pilgrim, droqen
  • Proteus, Key & Kanaga




Lol in Hell: A Short Solium Infernum Tale

This month we're celebrating FIVE YEARS of Electron Dance!

Here’s a story from 2012 that was never published.

A long, long time ago I wrote a nailbiting Neptune’s Pride (Iron Helmet, 2010) diary that kept readers up all night called The Aspiration. This diary took a serious toll though; my mental health over the month of the game was put through the wringer and I knew I never wanted to play such a game EVER THE HELL AGAIN. I later wondered whether an obsession with Neptune's Pride diaries was contributing to a problem of survivorship bias.

However, I was press-ganged into a match of Solium Infernum (Cryptic Comet, 2009). It's a turn-based affair, not something that exists from minute to minute. I was still anxious, though. Solium is about duplicity. About paranoia. But I wanted to repeat the success of The Aspiration, so felt like I should go for it.

But our game stopped after three turns and never got going again. I wrote up a detailed diary for those three turns and I think it's time to reveal it to the public.

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The Best Electron Dance Posts of All-Time EVER

This month we're celebrating FIVE YEARS of Electron Dance!

such applause

Welcome, welcome all. Today I present the most definitive of lists, the one you’ve waited five years for.

This is the nine most popular posts on Electron Dance.

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Five Years of Electron Dance


When I wrote the first post 354 on VVVVVV, I never thought I'd be possessed with the hubris to write a post called Five Years of Electron Dance, let alone have enough readers to justify it.

There's only way to deal with this: I'm going to let it get to my head and get drunk and take off all my clothes. Does this mean I can monetize my audience? Should I run a Patreon? Let's talk about what this means and answer five questions about Electron Dance you never wanted answering in the first place.

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