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The Appendix is Live


I finally did it. I finally made a forum for the site.

The Electron Dance Appendix is now open for business. Have a look at the welcome post if you're interested. I haven't added a forum link anywhere on the site yet - I'll figure out where to put that later.

(I'm having a few internet troubles right now, it's a miracle I got this post out.)


Open Mike 9


Our Open Mike threads are getting shorter, so the world must be getting less interesting. Eventually we shall reach negative comment space when --- ah, why spoil the surprise.

Comments, please. Apparently a new console was launched this week. I promised once again to make a newsletter but did no such thing. And I'm coughing so hard I think I swallowed a rib.


Open Mike 8


Here's yet another Open Mike thread where I promise myself to get involved in the discussion but never find the time. Welcome.


Open Mike 7


It's a new open comments thread. Graffiti welcome.


Open Mike 6


This sabbatical is almost over and all I've done is work on a video. It's probably not going to be worth it but I knew that already.

Time to distract you. Look down there, it's an open comments thread, wow!


Open Mike 5


Knock yerselfs out. I wonder if anyone lurks on these threads, rather than just those who comment.

My August sabbatical starts in two three weeks. There will be posts every week of a sort. You'll see.


Open Mike #4


Considering my "I'm in Japan" post was hijacked for a bundle fatigue rant I'm not sure you all need another comment thread so soon. Time to prove me wrong?

The floor is open. Wondering whether I should auto-delete comments that contain the term "E3".


Open Mike #3


Yes it's that time once again - open comment time. I know Matt W is itching to talk about "bundle fatigue" but other than that, it's all up for grabs.

There are now 200 comment slots waiting to be filled below. Don't worry if you use them all, I'll keep topping up as required.


Open Mike #2


A week where The Ethics of Selling Children had an unexpected resurgence of tweet love thanks to Joe Martin. A week where superbrothers™ became a supporter of Electron Dance. A week when I discovered no one was interested in reading about an ARG that nobody was interested in playing in the first place. But one vital question remains.

If you had to choose between superbrothers™, Joe Martin and The Aspiration, who would you take out for dinner and maybe coffee?

On the other hand, you can talk about anything you want. It's open comment time.


Open Mike #1


It's Electron Dance's first open comments thread!

What are you thinking about? What are you playing? Does the death of Google Reader affect you? Will the incoming Pope impact the world of videogames? Have you read quite enough about Dishonored already? Would you like me to play Mass Effect at last? What, really?

Insert coin to think. It's your move.