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How I Made: The Drake Incident


Oh, I've got an idea for Dark Souls film, I thought. It'll be short. We'll not do anything crazy like half an hour about The Witness. But, somehow, things never go according to plan. Because there is no plan. There is just:

  • oh my god this is way harder than I thought

Here's a little behind-the-scenes insight on The Drake Incident.

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It's the start of another sabbatical month. I'm taking a month off writing to try to reboot my brain, drain away the anxiety and tinker with other projects that have become stuck.

But what if I walk away from the site for two months? Or three? What happens if Electron Dance goes dark for six months?

Because that is what I'm thinking about.

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Five Years of Electron Dance


When I wrote the first post 354 on VVVVVV, I never thought I'd be possessed with the hubris to write a post called Five Years of Electron Dance, let alone have enough readers to justify it.

There's only way to deal with this: I'm going to let it get to my head and get drunk and take off all my clothes. Does this mean I can monetize my audience? Should I run a Patreon? Let's talk about what this means and answer five questions about Electron Dance you never wanted answering in the first place.

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Auto-Critique 2

Auto-critique is an infrequent series of posts about the process of writing.


Stop Crying About Choice was meant to be a short post that mused “maybe all narrative games are actually hypertext” and let others debate it out.

That is not what I eventually published. What I published was a 5,000 word epic that made April the most successful Electron Dance month in its four-year history.

But I learnt some important lessons through both its slow development and the resulting wave of attention. These lessons, however, have worrying ramifications for the Electron Dance book.

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Auto-Critique 1


As I've often said, I don’t like writing about writing as it’s not what people come to Electron Dance to read about. However, I know there are some writers here who might be interested in crossing swords on the wordcraft itself. So I had a stab at jotting down my thoughts about writing and some of the conundrums I wrestle with.

Only read on if you're actually interested in a bunch of rambling notes unrelated to video games.    

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