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GNW Multifeed: E.T. Welcoming Party Goes Home by Staff Writer

“No one cares. It's first contact with an alien species. This Sunday. And no one cares.” Two days ago, John Remford led the D18-For-Alien-Truth camp in London’s Green Park, optimistic and hopeful for the first time in three years. Today, he is in police custody.

Not as well known as London’s other impromptu encampment, Occupy LSE adjacent to St. Paul’s Cathedral, the police had been observing the growth of D18 over the last few weeks with guarded concern. A police spokesman told us, “You have to be aware that Green Park is just next door to Buckingham Palace and we cannot possibly tolerate any permanent gathering in such a security-sensitive location.”

The police dispersed the camp on Tuesday. The only D18 member that resisted the police was Remford, arrested after assaulting an officer. Remford has been unemployed since being discharged from Lehman Brothers in 2008, where he worked as an infrastructure coordinator's assistant.

“The Queen probably isn’t even in there right now," he says. "Why couldn’t they let us stay there until Sunday? If it hadn’t been for the e-mail leak, I would’ve assumed it was a cover-up.”

Indeed, a hacker known as “inbound object” has been disseminating all sorts of internal mails to the group, covering diverse topics from a security review on the D18 camp to unverified discussions on apparently artificial objects approaching Earth from space.

The police haven’t tracked down who the hacker is, although did confirm the leaked security memo was genuine.

Remford says, “The hacker was extra-terrestrial, letting us know they're coming. See, NASA probably knows all about this but they’re not telling. But I don’t think the aliens want to be a secret. They want everyone to know. They think we should aspire to greater things but what do we spend all our time doing? Drooling over the latest iPhone. Buying fascist shooter games. Wanting to get rich without putting in any effort. Screw property bubbles. Screw the lottery. Wouldn't it be nice just to love a little more?” He takes a breath. “The human race is so stunted.”

Surely assaulting an officer wasn't particularly "loving"? Remford claims the officer started it but adds: "I never said I was Gandhi."

But there’s nothing to support Remford’s claims other than a handful of anonymous e-mails and hacked web sites. Perhaps it is just a bored hacker up to mischief? Or an “alternate reality game” that’s spiralled out of control?

Remford is defiant. “Come back to me after Sunday. Then we’ll talk.”

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