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Project Launch: The Academics Are Coming

There was this idea I'd had for a while: an article about game-making academics. Once Where We Came From had finished, I thought I should probably give it a shot. I started approaching academics for contributions last October with a view to write up something short and tight like Punchbag Artists. But I came to realise that I was working towards something much larger than an essay...

So it's time for a new series, The Academics Are Coming. Based around several interviews, it's about games studies academics who make games - who they are, why they do it and the relevance of their work to the gaming industry.

It kicks off for real next Tuesday with the first part of A Theoretical War. Oh and here's a video.

For more information, have a look at the project page which contains the week-by-week schedule. The series should finish mid-August. Please enjoy the ride.