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The Remnant Speaks

On Tuesday, I wrote about a unique game of Neptune's Pride in which the players co-operated under the umbrella of the "Galactic Peace Organization". Of course, it still ended in star-shaped tears, and I commissioned indie developer Jonas Kyratzes to create a tangible award, The Remnant of The Aspiration, for the winner.

Now I think I've written enough about it. It's time to hear what the players have to say.

The First Place Betrayer

In first place was Captain Wells, played by Electron Dance confidante Adam Wells. He wrote in the comments last month that he prefers games he "can keep in a box". His reaction to the game is similar to mine in that he found it brutally exhausting.

Boy, that was hard work. When I followed a link from my long time friend Joe (LiberalEurope) to join some game, I was too busy at work to really read what it was about. Then it started. Neptune's Pride demands attention and its claim to being hardcore is not understated. How did it make me feel? Mixed. 

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