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Legend tells of the urban sprite Wally (also known as "Waldo" in North America, "Willy" in Norway and "Holger" in Denmark) who wears a distinctive red-and-white striped hat and jumper. He has a penchant for lurking in crowds but only becomes visible if captured on camera. Many self-proclaimed "Wally Watchers" scour Flickr for photos of the spirit.

Children are warned that the sprite is easily angered. To dress up as Wally is to mock Wally. And Wally takes away those naughty children who mock him and they are never seen again.

In 2012, no one believes these stories.

Two indie games won a highly-prized Electron Dance badge at last year's Eurogamer Expo. One of them was Waves. The other was Santa Ragione's Fotonica.

Somehow it has taken me six months to do something on Fotonica. Today, I present a video that proves I shouldn't shoot film at 2am when I'm sick and exhausted. But at least you get to learn something about this wonderful game and another title called Mirrormoon.