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IGDA Writers Panel: Players Versus Characters, 2

This is the second half of an article on the IGDA Writers Panel held at BAFTA, London, on October 26. The first half was published last week.

Last year’s panel was held in a lecture theatre at South Bank University which was spacious and desk-enabled. At BAFTA, the audience were not as lucky. Dinky chairs jammed us into snuggling distances with our neighbours and I had to be careful not to poke out someone's eye with the careless flick of a pen. The panellists got to wave their arms about and express themselves with gusto, but I didn’t have enough room to swing a gnat.

But every crowd has a silver lining – at least I got a free drink.

Just The Player?

The third act of the discussion addressed whether it was just the player alone that defined character. Could genre come into it? Or even the controllers?

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