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Side by Side: Season 5 Deleted Scenes

Side by Side is a video series on local multiplayer games. This is a bonus episode for the fifth series.

Due to the pandemic, Joel Goodwin of Electron Dance and Gregg Burnell of Tap-Repeatedly haven't been able to meet up to make a YouTube series they love, nor Side by Side. We're sorry for this.

But Joel had always planned to put out a "deleted scenes" episode for Series 5 (if you remember, we did say there would be a "bonus episode in January") and he kept putting it off because he was working on another film which was "important". Fortunately, he has come to his senses and realised his excuses have run out of gas. Enjoy the moments that were not included in the series simply because the episodes were already long enough. Even if most of them feature Daka Dara.

Bonus fictional game currency for anyone who figures out which Season 5 game does not appear in the deleted scenes.

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Watch the video here or direct on YouTube.


Before The High Tide

This is the final in a series of five musings on Control. Previously: Behind the Poster, Use of Weapons, Reverse Shock and Slave to the Rhythm.

There will be spoilers.

So: you reach the final boss. It’s what you’ve been working up to. Sometimes a game sticks the landing, sometimes it fluffs it and the magic withers.

But what happens if you get there and you just don’t know how to proceed? Like that one level in a puzzle game that you just can’t best. You give it your all but it isn’t enough to get you through. The energy wanes. You lose interest. You put the controller down. Maybe you don’t pick it up again.

This isn’t what happened in Control; this is an analogy for what happened to this essay, my final post on Control.

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Discussion: Low Score

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I suppose the series' focus on money was inevitable. What the public knows are iconic titles and their associated corporate colossi: the story of pop videogames is the story of videogame money.

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Fearful Beauty

No, this isn't a new Electron Dance film but, guess what, I did lend my vocal talents to fifteen seconds of someone else's video. If you like my films you'll likely dig this, too.

In this smart 25-minute video essay, Pixel a Day discusses the Romantic concept of "the sublime" in the context of Subnautica and The Long Dark. Don't worry, we've already made some noise in her YouTube comments about Outer Wilds.

Watch below or direct on YouTube.


Discussion: Towers

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During the halcyon days of FPS mods, not a week seemed to go by without someone showing off a cool gun render. That was the most boring thing about a mod I could imagine. I understood it was helpful to distance themselves from the source material but a hunger for weapon renders, particularly the more realistic, was baffling.

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Puzzleworks, 3: Akurra

In April, good Electron Dance friend Maurycy Zarzycki, who designed the short, free puzzle game Machine at the Heart of the World (Evidently Cube, 2018), tweeted this right at my face: "You should check the demo of Akurra if you haven't yet heard about it. It's a bit of a cross between Sokoban, Legend of Zelda and The Witness - a freeroam puzzle game by [Jason Newman]. Something tells me you'll like it."

Come on, you can't namedrop The Witness carelessly like that in a tweet. That's like saying "if you like Citizen Kane, you might enjoy this film." Bwahahaha. Anyway joke's on me because I had far too much fun with Akurra.

Nutshell: Open-world Sokoban-variant rife with secrets to discover, still in development.

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The Sun Always Rises

Hello. If you are fortunate enough not to have played Outer Wilds (Mobius Digital, 2019), then here is everything you need to know right now:

  1. You should play Outer Wilds.
  2. When you start Outer Wilds, you will struggle to understand why people say “you should play Outer Wilds”.
  3. When you finish Outer Wilds, you will tell others “you should play Outer Wilds”.
  4. You should not read the rest of this spoiler-rich post.

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Discussion: Patience of a Thief

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I didn’t finish the demo, unwilling to risk the wrath of whatever stalked the dank and uninspiring Gloomsewers. I felt I had been toiling within its systems rather than dancing with them - and the demo was graveyarded.

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Transmission: Yedoma Globula, Akurra

60 minutes-ish. Four games.

Stream this week - Sunday 12 July - and will begin at 9:30PM UK, 10:30PM Central Europe, 4:30PM EST. My Twitch channel can be found at twitch.tv/electrondance.

I will discuss the following titles:

Previous Transmissions are available on the dedicated E/TX YouTube channel.

Update 13 Jul 2020. The stream has now been archived on YouTube:


Discussion: Charity Begins At Game

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Many of the 1,700 items were tools (Hex Kit), assets (Kenney Game Assets 1) and PDFs outlining paper-and-pen RPG systems (The Colors of Magic). However, the strangest aspect of the bundle, which was unlikely to fly for any other bundle, was the inclusion of free games.

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